Maui in a Tree

Sitting in my favorite tree in Maui

Sea salt laps the rocks

A tender kiss like lap

It makes me thirsty to linger


Shimmering glass

A rich rich green

Upon exposed rocks

Greet me

The pinkish Orange hues

Of a rising sun dance off the water

Ever so different to the distant setting sun

Though hues familiar

There is a certain stillness in the morning

Still motion but a quiet gentleness of a beginning

It is the essence of a waiting potential

About to gain momentum

It is fresh

It is the inkling that activity is about to begin

It almost resonates a naivete with a virginal quality

Each day is virginal

It has never been experienced before

Each and every day is like this

Each and every moment

Has yet to be made love to

What will you do?

Will you take notice?

Will it pass unseen, unheard, unfelt in the rush

In the haste to chase another illusion?

Will you greet it with devourous anticipation?

With an awe of appreciation?

With a reverence of participation?

Or will you simply rush by in your automation?

What richness to choose!

What tremendous abundance to see such opportunity!

Come dance with thee

In this vast infinity

A simple moment to be!

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