The Means to Birth Your Dreams

Writhe your truth
Live your light
Soar out of sight
Depart the known
Propelled a new home
Get comfortable with the uncomfortable
It’s your path there
The blaze of the trail blazer
The penetration of the parabola
Is the perpetuation of abra cadabra

The magic begins when we pierce habit
And conditioning
It is the stepping out
It is going through doubt
It is marveling in mystery
Not wallowing in misery

What is the message of misery
It is the edge of threshold
Where the known no longer serves
Our new home is a blur

The comfort in discomfort
The belief in disbelief
And the ground of doubt
Is what creating is all about!

This void
This vacuum
This empty room
Are the dynamics of a bellowing
A calling
A resonation of invitation
For the new

It is the recipe of creation
The joy in jubilation
The means of manifestation

The willingness to hold this void in heart
Is the start to really living
To really giving your dreams birth!

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