Beyond Self

The Breathers We Are

It’s time to heed the call
It’s time to see it all
It is here now we are
Being the essence that is us
We wake
Doors open
Windows of the soul call out
The view enticing
Look past the pain
A simple moment to regain
Breathe deep refrain
This spiritual breath of life
Each day air like
Breathe the day as breath
Oh the fresh aroma
Ready to behold
Be bold
Accept what is
Really be the moment
Really being the moment
It gives rise
It opens eyes
It comes
It goes each day breath like

How long will we last if we don’t inhale?
Oh, despair what torment to hold empty air
Exhale the remnants of your day
Inhale your relationships and their ways
Exhale the empty days
Inhale the newness
Celebrate the process
See past the experience
It is not us
We are the breathers
Breathe deep this love of life
It sustains us

See past your experience
It is not you
You are the breather
Breathe deep your love of life
It sustains you

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