Be Surprise

Choose to Love today


And the next

Feel so blessed

To see

That it is up to you

No pointing fingers

No blaming swords

Only the chance to live Love

If you wait for another to choose

You allow yourself to become askew

Driving alignment

You live love’s assignment

You attract what you bloom

Give love room

Hesitation, waiting for reciprocation

Deletes Love’s anticipation

Creativity calls us to a new gear

Oh, it is not so clear

How to live Love right here

Paying attention without pretension

Being still

The means of loving grows forth

Alive and always new

Just as each moment delivers you

Being alive

 Love thrives

It always survives

Give love life and be surprise

2 thoughts on “Love

  1. Meeting you was what I needed I believe that God brings people into your life for a reason. Your poems are more than deep only the understanding will understand your conception through these poems. It was so nice meeting you

  2. Randy I enjoyed your website! As your friend, I believe it well captures facets of you that I’ve come to know. Always “coming along,”
    – Gary

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