Beyond Thought

“Thought, imagination or belief gives rise to sorrow; to abandon such thinking is not painful! It is feeling these thoughts and beliefs that has brought about the sorrow: and this comes to an end by not entertaining those thoughts and beliefs: where is the difficulty in this?  All thoughts and beliefs lead to sorrow, whereas no-thought and no-belief are pure bliss.”  Vasistha

Heart Work

 Feeling tremendous shifts lately

Energies in the Heart

Settling into it more

Allowing it to be

Without understanding fully

Knowing it is to be

Trusting the process

With great courage

Let go

It seems to continue to expand

Stirring fear

From time to time

It grips with some familiar sense

An association that is incongruent

Yet the feeling memory calls


Pierce this plane

This dimensional platform of programming

 Really being with the feeling

You can BE it




Severe any association with memory

With past

With limitation

Strong temptation to connect the dots

Yields to the present situation

Being beyond thoughts

No trying

No attempts

Creating space in the Heart

Sacred and true


You honor me

You honor you

Nothing left to do

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