Seeds of Mystic Rap

Mystic rap is freshly unique and user friendly.  It is a collection of inspirational and healing works from my heart.  Created through reflections upon the mysteries of life, these expressions are offered, not as proclamations, but as possibilities.  They are glimpses along the path.  Because we each live in a world that is unique to ourselves, may these shared slices of an infinite number of worlds facilitate an understanding that brings us closer to our truths.  For me, the constantly changing nature of life makes it an ongoing discovery.

Many of these raps or poems are prayers.  If they resonate for you, touch you deeply, or call to you, consider incorporating them into your daily life through repetition.  “Dear Empress” has been written with the pronoun “I.”  I had the opportunity to substitute “we” and “us” for a group prayer. I also have used someone’s name on another occasion. Please feel free to do the same.

Examination and inquiry feed my passion for adventure and exploration of this amazing life.  It has helped me to really live life to the fullest, enriching my experiences and discovering the depths of my soul.

Depth is that which is underneath.  It is a foundation or root cause of something. My beliefs create my reality.  This statement is a thought.  However, I exist beyond my thoughts.  Thoughts and beliefs are mere tools.  They are not who I am.  Beliefs, thoughts and feelings define my experiences.

 “Your beliefs become your thoughts.

“Your beliefs become your thoughts.

Your thoughts become your words.

Your words become your actions.

Your actions become your habits.

Your habits become your values.

Your values become your destiny.”


 I often identify with my experience, but that is not who I am.  Each day’s experience is like a breath of air.  It comes and it goes; it is not me.  I am the breather of experience.  I am the vessel through which experiences flow.  My tendency and degree of identification with experience vacillates in cycles.  Being in the world and not of the world is seeing that I am beyond the experience of life, beyond the story of my past and future.  I am the experiencer – not the experience.

God is infinite.  Infinity has no beginning and no end.  The present moment has no beginning and no end.  God is omnipotent.  When I really understood that, I could not see that praying for anything made sense.  God is omnipotent; everything that exists is God’s will.  The only true prayer is to align my will with Thy will.  It seems that identification with my story or experience is an effective means to depart the present.  If I am not feeling close to God, someone moved; and it wasn’t God. That is huge!  God always is, and is always here.  To be closer to God, all I have to do is stop pushing God away.  God is what is.  It is that simple.  Having faith that God is and is always here, is a choice.  God is Love.  If I am not feeling Love, which is God, then I must be doing something to create a distance from this Love and God.

If I am not my experience, then what am I? Because God is all there is, then I must be an individualization of God and, thus, Love.   My very essence and nature is Love.  Looking at the experiences I have, they are predominantly seeking love or preventing rejection.  How amazing to wake to realize: I am the love I seek.

“All search for happiness is misery and leads to more misery.  The only happiness worth the name is of conscious being.”  Nisargardatta Maharaj

By seeking Love or God there is a powerful implication that Love or God are not here.  The act of seeking is an effective means to push them away.  Conscious Being is not seeking.  Be still and know that I am God.  Being still is a matter of laying down my agenda, accepting what is, allowing my true nature of love to surface.  If I am constantly talking to a good friend, he will never get a chance to speak.  By stilling myself and being quiet, I open to God and to Love.  Constantly thinking, seeking, and doing – my busyness prevents God’s presence from flourishing in my life, prevents the present moment from blooming as it can in my heart.

“Be still and know that I am God.”  Psalm 46:10

If God is infinite, God is all, then even the distance I feel from God is God. All is all, including my perceptions and my illusions.

Meditation is a tool to dissolve identification with experience.  It is an opportunity to have an empirical experience, to feel and know that I am not my thoughts or my experiences. Meditation is the embodiment of this knowing.

May these poems encourage your inquiry and facilitate the discovery of your truth.  Discovering and living your truth truly is a light to the world.


Randy Dolan

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